7 O’Clock Capital Invests in Marsis, the World’s First Autonomous Platform for Decentralized NFT Ratings

Marsis, the world’s first decentralized NFT rating autonomy platform, has closed a $1 million seed round of funding with the participation of 7 O’Clock Capital.

7 O’Clock Capital is the world’s largest blockchain fund, focusing on the global blockchain ecological investment, committed to the development and promotion of decentralized finance, focusing on investment in domestic and foreign top public chain, storage, NFT and other areas of infrastructure application facilities, to promote blockchain better adapt to the existing global financial system, to help the globalization of digital asset flow.

It is understood that, in addition to 7 O’Clock Capital’s participation in the seed round of Marsis financing, a number of top global investment institutions also participated in the strategic financing of Marsis, including: Sapling insight, Chain Capital, Redline Capital, Jove Capital, R8 Capital, Kryptos, Legendland Capital, SVC, Chronos Capital, etc.

Marsis aims to create a decentralized NFT rating autonomy platform, dedicated to NFTing everything and encouraging users to rate and quantify recognition for their favorite NFTs. To create a strong, interesting and rational ecology for the industry and to be a pioneer in the NFT x DeFi x DAO 3in1 track. At the same time, Marsis aims to create a measurement standard and consensus mechanism for the whole NFT ecology. The value discovery of assets comes from the degree of consensus in the market, and the Marsis counting protocol/consensus ballot mechanism allows and promotes the value discovery of NFT and improves and popularizes NFT quality standards. The platform is now open to recruit global KOL ambassadors.

More information about Marsis project can be found on the official website: www. marsis. io


7 O'Clock Capital, A Crypto Asset Venture Fund Focused on DeFi

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