7 O’Clock Capital Invests in Standard Protocol

(GMT+8) Standard Protocol, the first and only Web3.0 Foundation Grant project in Korea, will launch on Uniswap at 22:00 on Apr 29th, as well as Gate and Kucoin at 22:40 on Apr 29th. Standard Protocol’s IDO received more than 118,000 whitelist applications from 87 countries around the world. Since 22:00 on 28th, the project’s Gate IEO has been oversubscribed 673 times as of 9:00 am on the 29th.

As a new hybrid collateralized elastic supply stablecoin protocol, Standard Protocol has long been supported and promoted by important KOLs such as Mr Business and Ivan on tech, and has received recognition and investment from top funds such as CMS and DFG.