7 O’Clock Invests in Faraland, the biggest war game on BSC whose NFT store will be hosted on the NFTify platform

Faraland is a Turn-based Strategy RPG game with NFT elements as the core. In the Faraland gamified NFT store, Faraland players and NFTify community members can have Real-time transactions. Each hero in the game has a reserve price. Players can increase the reserve price in a variety of ways, or burn down their heroes at any time to earn the reserve price. This innovative function guarantees the liquidity of players’ NFT transactions, and players can upgrade through transactions and other game activities (such as equipping weapons, armors, pets, etc.). With the help of Faraland NFT cross-chain transactions, users can have the possibility of transactions with other game worlds.

Faraland has received investment from many agency, including Moonrock Capital, MorningStar Ventures, PolkaFoundry, Spark Digital Capital, 7 O’Clock Capital, PetRock Capital, AU21 Capital, Vendetta Capital, 590 Ventures, etc.


7 O'Clock Capital, A Crypto Asset Venture Fund Focused on DeFi

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