Duet Protocol, a Synthetic Asset Protocol, Announces the 2nd Batch of Investors

News from 7 O’Clock Community, Duet Protocol, a multi-chain synthetic asset protocol, announces the 2nd batch of investors and partners. The investors include: AU21 Capital, 7 O’Clock Capital, Arcanum Capital, Paratone Capital, ARKN Ventures, Phoenix VC, NewTribe Capital, Curiosity Capital, Blockwall Capital, 42DAO Capital, Titans Ventures, Shin Chan Group, Avstar Capital, Digital Assets Group Holdings, Mr.Block, One Piece VC, Snapfingers, PrimeBlock Ventures (MXC labs), Foresight Ventures (Bitget), Suji Yan (the founder of Mask Network), and Cao Yin (the founder of Digital Renaissance Foundation). Meanwhile, these investors will join in Duet DAO. Besides, together with LD Capital, Duet will provide a $500k financial aid per year to Muse Museum (a research organization).

In mid-April, Duet has finished the Pre-Seed round fundraising led by Omni lAB. In May, a $3 million fundraising was accomplished.


7 O'Clock Capital, A Crypto Asset Venture Fund Focused on DeFi

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