LINKVC & 7 O’Clock Capital Demo Day

8 min readMay 7, 2021

LINKVC & 7 O’Clock Capital Cocktail Party on Investment was successfully held in Beijing on April 27th. The party was co-hosted by LINKVC and 7 O’Clock Capital, guided by the Blockchain Branch of China Association of SME, titled by Kine Protocol, and specially invited by CollinStar Capital and OneBoat Capital.

Supporting organizations for this event include Muddy Waters PR,, Block Technology, Chain Catcher, ZONFF, Redline Capital, ChainUP, BitKeep,etc.

The reception was attended by Alswap, ClassZZ, DeerFi, S.Finance, PokerFi, TopBidder, LINKPOP, Chiast, PARASSET, PARAMI, ROZOJ, KAKA , PILOT,,, HaykerDAO, 1MILLION NFTS, Bagels Finance, Black Hole, The Force.Trade and a dozen other well-known projects in the blockchain industry.

On-site guests and online overseas guests were invited to deliver project speeches, with a warm atmosphere, active audience interaction and a popular venue. The total number of industry guests was more than 20, and the on-site audience was more than 300.

At the beginning of the party, Shinae, the oversea market manager of 7 O’Clock Capital, extended sincere welcome to the guests for attendance. The atmosphere gradually warms up.

Kang Feng, the secretary general of the Blockchain Branch of China Association of SME

Kang spoke: Good evening everyone, thanks for the invitation by 7 O’Clock Capital. The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises subjects to the National Development and Reform Commission, which is a social organization with 230,000 member enterprises. Its blockchain branch offers service for blockchain-related enterprises and projects, and will hold the 9th “China SME Investment and Finance Forum and China Blockchain Industry Summit” at the China National Convention Center from August 23rd to 25th this year. “We look forward to your participation!

SKY, Co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital

7 O’Clock Capital is the world’s largest blockchain DeFi capital, focusing on the global blockchain ecological investment, dedicated to the development and promotion of decentralized finance. 7 O’Clock Capital aims at investing in the world’s top public chains, storage, DeFi, NFT and other areas of infrastructure application facilities, to promote blockchain to better adapt to the existing global financial system and help globalize the flow of digital assets.

Lin Jiapeng, Founder of LINKVC

Lin spoke about LINKVC, a Connect Capital, which is dedicated to bringing global business resources and professional financial services to blockchain companies and developers. Founded in 2016, LINKVC is an up-and-coming venture capital with a global perspective. The capital’s main investment interests include blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and fintech.

Liu Genghua, CollinStar Capital

Liu Genghua said: CollinStar Capital was established in 2015, is the only investment company in Australia with blockchain digital currency venture capital license. CollinStar’s business covers blockchain infrastructure, investment and consulting, digital asset management, technology development, etc.. Supported by a cross-industry, highly educated and multi-cultural team, CollinStar provides the most professional services for customers and investors. Projects that wish to cooperate can also communicate with us in depth.

Wang Lei, founder and CEO of Kine Protocol

Wang Lei, shared opinions about the future of Kine Protocol: Kine is a decentralized contract platform with TOP 1 contract TVL based on Ethereum, which has the advantages of 0 slippage and instant transaction. Kine can trade all priced assets at a very low cost. Decentralization guarantees the security of asset staking, transaction transparency and the anonymity.

Hong Jun, the volunteer of AIswap

AIswap is a trading system Swap built on blockchain technology, no pre-mining, no private placement, and no pre-investment. Three advantages of AIswap: AMM market-making mechanism, excellent UI interaction experience, and equality. Partners in pre-stage are welcomed warmly.

Dr.Z, community architect of ClassZZ

Class ZZ (CZZ) is the world’s first public chain to achieve decentralized cross-chain transactions through the native token cross-chain protocol (i.e. Te Waka), which is “the vessel crossing chains” of the blockchain world, said Dr. Z, Community Architect of CalssZZ, the world’s first decentralized cross-chain public chain. “ The Te Waka protocol is fully open source and decentralized, allowing tokens to switch among the main networks supported by the protocol randomly.

TopBidder volunteer

TopBidder is an auction protocol that incorporates the theory of radical markets, enabling a mechanism for the production and issuance of non-permanent possession crypto assets, where any bidder who bids no less than 10% of the previous bidder will gain ownership of the asset. TopBidder auction protocol is divided into three parts: radical markets, Vickrey commons, and radical auctions.

BMW, the community volunteer of PokerFi

PokerFi is a new bitcoin created with “DeFi+NFT” model. It has successfully built a brand new bitcoin on public chains such as ETH and BSC. PokerFi applies DeFi smart contract code to ensure the trust mechanism of the whole ecology, completely restoring the bitcoin ecosystem via NFT.

Steven Guo, Vice Secretary General of the Blockchain Committee of Investment Association

ROZOJ, the decentralized options trading platform enables customers to create and hedge options structures through an AMM mechanism. Ladder Option, is the first product of ROZOJ, making the product easy to use for retail investors, while lowering the threshold for market maker participation and reducing investment risk for investors and market makers.

Zi Ye, Pilot Protocol

Pilot Protocol is the 1st excess loan protocol on Huobi ECO chain, innovatively providing a loan tool with up to three times leverage. Its advantages are obvious: low risk appetite users can earn no-loss risk-free returns, and USDT APY is currently around 34%; medium risk appetite users can earn annualized 80–100% returns with 1–3% risk of principal loss, only if under the condition of 2x leverage and non-extreme quotes.

Leo, Chiast

Chiast is a Chia-based hashrate pass created by Chia global miners using blockchain technology. Chiast is anchored to Chia hashrate, and Chiast holders are permanently entitled to the daily Chia bonus mechanism of “holding is mining”. Chiast aims to interconnect the entire Chia mining system, establish a hashrate system via decentralized hashrate mechanism, and reward Chia ecological users with high returns.

Richard Parris, Co-founder of Saito Network

Saito is a user-oriented Web 3.0 open network layer. Applications on Saito can run without closed plugins, without private APIs or run on open infrastructure. Saito network is fully decentralized and can fund nodes in Saito and other public chains that provide routing and user infrastructure. Saito The network is highly secure against sybil attacks, monopoly-proof and decentralized to ensure the openness and independence of Web 3.0.

Fox, the product architect of Bagels Finance

Bagels Finance is a leveraged liquidity mining cross-chain aggregator protocol based on Heco/BSC/ETH, designed to give users up to 10x leveraged mining through a strategic combination of various DeFi products, collateralized matching mining, and the highest mining returns and highest interest rates on coin deposits.

Eden, the co-founder of KAKA

KAKA is a prediction platform with subordinate service to e-sports. The platform has its own game project which focuses on card games, issuing 100 million to 120 million tokens. KAKA seeks to open up the value exchange between the virtual world of crypto assets and the real world through NFT technology and build a more pragmatic and feasible Metaverse channel.

Yun, Vice President of Business of YOU Mine

YOU Mine is a one-stop mining asset management platform established in 2019, dedicated to helping users make innovative asset allocations and achieve high investment returns. Multi-dimensional cooperation has been reached with a number of international mining companies. You Mine is a multi-functional one-stop mining asset management platform integrating physical mining, mining machine buying and selling, mining machine hosting, second-hand transfer, market information, financial gain, pledge lending, currency buying and selling, with comprehensive returns of up to 200%-800%.

Ji Xin, the community manager of PARASSET

PARASSET is a new type of collateralized synthetic asset protocol, based on the fully decentralized oracle machine NEST, which is dedicated to the value reengineering of native assets and credit assets on the chain. PARASSET clarifies the risk structure of collateralized agreements for the first time, proposes a risk management method based on the risk structure, and implements the corresponding management functions through the protocol. It will be open to the whole ecology to support more asset scenarios and user needs.

Jalen, founder of Hong Kong Panda Capital

Chia Continental is a global advanced mining platform supporting Chia digital assets, winning the support of many users through easy-to-use functions, safe and stable performance, and efficient and attentive services. Chia Continental supports multi-currency mining, an efficient and professional technical R&D team, a responsible operation and maintenance team, and attentive customer service online around the clock to build it into a top Chia-centric Poc track data storage platform.

One Million NFT Sir, founder of 1MILLION NFTs

1 MILLION NFTs originally came from a campaign done by Alex Tew and Reddit on the Place board. 1 million pixel ad space done by Alex Tew was a huge success and earned tuition; a pixel smear campaign done by Reddit on the Place board easily earned millions of dollars. We integrated ideas from the Reddit project, blockchain smart contracts and NFTs to form 1 MLNNFTS.COM.

HARDEEP SINGH, founder of Black Hole

BlackHole Protocol is a license-free cross-chain burning platform based on the Ethereum network. Any user or project governor can create a burning pool by holding a combination of Black Hole Protocol burning tokens BLACK and old tokens to permanently destroy old Tokens and generate new Tokens, thus giving new projects access to a new ecological dynamic.

Alex, CEO of BitKeep

BitKeep Global Inc. is the world’s leading decentralized multi-chain digital wallet. BitKeep Global Inc. combines five services: “wallet”, “transaction”, “finance”, “payment” and “ecology”. It covers more than 168 countries and regions, and the cumulative number of users worldwide has exceeded 4 million.

Xu Yinglong, CEO of CollinStar Capital, China

Thanks for listening. 2021’s bull market is the result of blockchain enthusiasts. I sincerely wish our country and our party live a long life concerning the blockchain industry.

The reception was successfully concluded with active interaction among the people on the scene who have been communicating about DeFi development and project future together as well as in-depth future cooperation and development direction!




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