LINKVC & 7 O’Clock Capital Demo Day

Kang Feng, the secretary general of the Blockchain Branch of China Association of SME
SKY, Co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital
Lin Jiapeng, Founder of LINKVC
Liu Genghua, CollinStar Capital
Wang Lei, founder and CEO of Kine Protocol
Hong Jun, the volunteer of AIswap
Dr.Z, community architect of ClassZZ
TopBidder volunteer
BMW, the community volunteer of PokerFi
Steven Guo, Vice Secretary General of the Blockchain Committee of Investment Association
Zi Ye, Pilot Protocol
Leo, Chiast
Richard Parris, Co-founder of Saito Network
Fox, the product architect of Bagels Finance
Eden, the co-founder of KAKA
Yun, Vice President of Business of YOU Mine
Ji Xin, the community manager of PARASSET
Jalen, founder of Hong Kong Panda Capital
One Million NFT Sir, founder of 1MILLION NFTs
HARDEEP SINGH, founder of Black Hole
Alex, CEO of BitKeep
Xu Yinglong, CEO of CollinStar Capital, China



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7 O'Clock Capital, A Crypto Asset Venture Fund Focused on DeFi