Manta Network Officially Launches its Ambassador Program!

Official news, on May 4th, Manta Network officially opens its Mandalorian Ambassador Program! The Mandalorian Ambassador Program is the only way for the community to earn Manta tokens, an opportunity for users to join and be closely involved in the growth of Manta Network. Mandalorians have exclusive access to the core development team and are involved in team discussion, getting the newest roadmap and plans.

Manta Network is a privacy-preserving protocol for the DeFi stack, designed to provide privacy services across the DeFi network. Manta Network is built on Polkadot as a parallel chain to ensure interoperability and is built to to guarantee privacy on the basis of zkSNARKs (zero-knowledge proof technology). Manta’s early products include: MantaPay, a privacy payment tool, as well as MantaSwap, a privacy DEX.




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