7 O’Clock Capital & Redline Capital Demo Day

8 min readApr 29, 2021

7 O’Clock & Redline Capital Demo Day was successfully held on April 12 in Shanghai, which was co-hosted by Redline Capital & 7 O’Clock Capital. This activity was supported by a dozen of blockchain media and traditional media which are: CHAINNEWS, BiShiJie.com, ZONFF, ChainUP, WWW. BLOCK360.PRO, PolkaBase, Ever Chain, CANDAQ, Armors, KNOWNSEC, Yunshang Capital, etc.

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A dozen of popular blockchain projects in DeFi field were present at the party which are: Kine Protocol, CalssZZ, XNFT, ADAMoracle, slash world, token BEST, UFiT, KAKA NFT WORLD, RareLink, iNFT, Zero One, Poker Market, DBlend, etc.

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On-site guests and online overseas guests were invited to deliver project speeches, with a warm atmosphere, active audience interaction and a popular venue. The total number of industry guests was more than 10, and the on-site audience was more than 300.

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At the beginning of the party, Shinae, the oversea market manager of 7 O’Clock Capital, said that since its establishment, 7 O’Clock Community has fully supported the DeFi industry ecosystem, combining the investment model and service model. Currently there are over 10,000 members with sophisticated understanding of DeFi in the 7 O’Clock community, and through our cooperative blockchain media we are able to cover 1 million blockchain industry users. Based on this strength, we have built our community open capital.

Li Yongmin, CEO of Redline Capital

Redline Capital CEO — Mr. Li Yongmin expressed: Redline Capital, attaching to the Zhejiang Honglin Technology Co. Ltd, is a blockchain industry established in 2017. Zhejiang Honglin Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2013, subordinates more than a dozen subsidiaries. The company mainly has biological fund investment, market management, blockchain technology investment, wealth management, enterprise industry incubation, securities class fund products and other major businesses, and has partners throughout Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Pingyang. Securities-based fund products include first-tier equity funds and second-tier securities-based funds.

Redline Capital is one of the top capitalists in blockchain industry, a well-known investment institution focusing on investing in blockchain technology, with the top multi-strategy capital management team in China, providing exchange market maker services for many exchanges with an average monthly turnover of 200 billion, including Binance, Huobi, okex, etc. In March, it invested in kine, a derivatives exchange on the Ethereum.

SKY, Co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital

SKY, co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital, said: DeFi 7 O’Clock Capital is the first community in China to start laying out DeFi, established in September 2020, with the earliest batch of DeFi users in China. 2021 saw the launch of DeFi 7 O’Clock Capital which aims at becoming the most well-known leading capital in the DeFi industry, with the main business: project investment, post-investment services, DeFi project marketing, project incubation.

Steven Guo, the angel investor of Metis and Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of Z-Park Angel Investment Alliance

Steven Guo, the angel investor of Metis and Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of Z-Park Angel Investment Alliance, said that he first invested in the Metis project in 2019, and the project developed rapidly around the Spring Festival in 2021 as the experimental version of Metis was launched and tens of thousands of people participated in it in a few days. Metis has completed two rounds of investment with a total value of $13, 000, 000. Metis hopes to become a mainstream developer as well as Web 3.0 infrastructure provider. Metis is committed to the decentralization of all networks with a very wide range of applications. P1X continues to invest in technical tracks and will soon launch the world’s first triple leverage project with 7 O’Clock Capital.

Wang Lei, the founder and CEO of Kine Protocol

Wang Lei said: Kine Protocol, the derivatives exchange was launched on March 26, with a TVL of $26, 000, 000, transaction volume of $0.3 billion, the highest daily transaction volume of more than $70 million, daily activity between 400–500. The platform features are: Wechat withdrawal, instant transaction, unlimited liquidity, transactions, transaction mining, transaction volume bonus, staking mining and high returns. The staking bonus is settled at 9:30 every day and liquidity mining is settled once a week. Lbp, scoring pool and android mobile version were all online and used in April, which will launch on Binance in May. 90% of the investment amount comes from top overseas investment institutions.

(Dr.Z, community architect of CalssZZ, the world’s first decentralized cross-chain public chain

Class ZZ (CZZ) is the world’s first public chain to achieve decentralized cross-chain transactions through the native token cross-chain protocol (i.e. Te Waka), which is “the vessel crossing chains” of the blockchain world, said Dr. Z, Community Architect of CalssZZ, the world’s first decentralized cross-chain public chain. “ The Te Waka protocol is fully open source and decentralized, allowing tokens to switch among the main networks supported by the protocol randomly. At present, Te Waka protocol has successfully supported cross-chain transactions of assets on ETH, HECO and BSC chains, and will successively support cross-chain transactions of OkChain, Polkadot, Solana, Tron and other public chains.

BKFUND initiator & core volunteer of xNFT technical community

BKFUND initiator & core volunteer of xNFT technical community said: BKFUND was founded by a group of cryptocurrency and token economic model enthusiasts at the end of 2017, which has invested in more than 50 outstanding blockchain projects around the world.

xNFT is an NFT ecological aggregator protocol designed to build a series of infrastructure for the NFT track, with ecological products including: DigiCenter, digital currency wallet; xNFT Protocol, automatic trading protocol; xNFT Price Oracle; NFTMarketcap, a quotation website that aggregates multi-platform trading and on-chain transaction data; NFTBank; NFTPark, on-chain crypto art gallery; and so on.

Maxwell, investor of Slash World

Slash World is a personal live trading subsidy tool based on the core of the exchange live trading rebate for ordinary users. As long as binding the exchange API firm to Slash World based on rules, every firm bargain in the future will be rewarded with real-time cash reward.

Shanks, the manager of BEST’s China community

BEST’s Chinese community leader Shanks said: token BEST is defined as hashcoin 2.0. Hashcoin can only prosper when the cryptocurrency market is relatively good, esp.when BTC and ETH were in a bullish mood. AU21 Capital is one of the world’s leading blockchain investment institutions founded by Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang in 2017.

Camille Zhang, Head of BD in UFiT Fund

Camille said: UFiT is a middleware with DAO governance that enables mobile asset networks to gain liquidity from other networks via virtual cross-chains. It can be deployed on the public chains with liquidity very quickly. Assets on other network are packaged onto the UFiT main chain through APIs and technology. UFiT integrates depository, liquidation, synthesis, and staking in one DeFi infrastructure.

Eden, the co-founder of KAKA

Eden mentioned: KAKA is a prediction platform with subordinate service to e-sports. The platform has its own game project which focuses on card games, issuing 100 million to 120 million tokens. KAKA has already taken a big IP with 80 million fans and will meet with users in May. The cards of KAKA has different ranks from one to ten. The higher the rank, the fewer the tokens are issued. The total issuance remains the same. In December 2021, a big off-line competition will be held by KAKA. By then, all KAKA token holders can bet on the competition, offer gifts to their favorite players, and possibly get rare cards if the betting player wins.

Alice, RareLink CMO, a protocol & smart contract platform

RareLink is a protocol & smart contract platform based on Polkadot ecology. Dynamic assets is a new NFT concept to realize the 2.0 era of asset pass by building a cross-chain bridge . RareLink defines and standardizes the concept of dynamic assets for the first time; develops technology around dynamic assets as well as builds a dynamic asset issuance and management environment; provides comprehensive security and privacy protection for dynamic assets via decentralized storage; and provides a universal and modular smart contract platform for dynamic assets.

Chao, the founder of iNFT

Chao mentions that the hottest concept in 2021 is NFT. From 2020 to the Spring Festival this year, NFT has been very cold until NFT project gets an investment. Since September last year, iNFT began to carry out NFT project research and saw a broad overseas asset market. iNFT intends to publicize the NFT concept in China, focusing on Chinese NFT such as games, virtual world, domain names and cards.

Robin, the founder & CEO of Zero one

Robin: Zero One is a DeFi platform covering many areas of DeFi. Zero One created the upcoming Sas protocols, planning to finish loan and clearing agreements in the first step, margin loan in the second step, and cross-block flash loan and cross-chain bank splitting operations in the third step. Later moves are followed by the release of hashrate futures, aggregated trading, IDO platform, hashrate coin, and NFT exchange.

BMW, the community volunteer of PokerFi

PokerFi is a new bitcoin created with “DeFi+NFT” model. It has successfully built a brand new bitcoin on public chains such as ETH and BSC. PokerFi applies DeFi smart contract code to ensure the trust mechanism of the whole ecology, completely restoring the bitcoin ecosystem via NFT.

Maggie, Commercial Director of DiBi Global

Maggie, Commercial Director of DiBi Global, said, “DBLend is a decentralized DeFi eco-application with 100% of the platform’s equity credentials, DBL, being “0” pre-mined and “0” reserved, 100% generated by decentralized mining. The total number of DBLs is only 2.1 million, so the number is scarce, and the price has tripled compared to 2020.

The reception was successfully concluded with active interaction among the people on the scene who have been communicating about DeFi development and project future together as well as in-depth future cooperation and development direction!




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