7 O’Clock Capital & Redline Capital Demo Day

On-site Photo 1
On-site Photo 2
On-site Photo 3
Li Yongmin, CEO of Redline Capital
SKY, Co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital
Steven Guo, the angel investor of Metis and Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of Z-Park Angel Investment Alliance
Wang Lei, the founder and CEO of Kine Protocol
(Dr.Z, community architect of CalssZZ, the world’s first decentralized cross-chain public chain
BKFUND initiator & core volunteer of xNFT technical community
Maxwell, investor of Slash World
Shanks, the manager of BEST’s China community
Camille Zhang, Head of BD in UFiT Fund
Eden, the co-founder of KAKA
Alice, RareLink CMO, a protocol & smart contract platform
Chao, the founder of iNFT
Robin, the founder & CEO of Zero one
BMW, the community volunteer of PokerFi
Maggie, Commercial Director of DiBi Global



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7 O'Clock Capital, A Crypto Asset Venture Fund Focused on DeFi