World's First NFT Art Exhibition & Demo Day with BCA

7 min readApr 29, 2021

7 O’Clock Capital Crypto Cocktail Party + Demo Day was successfully held on April 2nd at UCCA LABS in Beijing, which was hosted by 7 O’Clock Capital, co-hosted by BCA and ZONFF, and titled by DBLEND. 7 O’Clock Capital has also presented as one of the sponsors of the world’s first NFT art exhibition hosted by BCA. Top investment institutions, well-known executives, senior experts and mainstream media from the blockchain industry gathered together to discuss current trends, market development and other hot topics.

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Supporting organizations include CHAINNEWS, Bishijie, ZONFF, ChainUP, Brock Technology, PolkaBase, EverChain, CANDAQ, Redline Capital, Armors, KNOWNSEC, Yunshang Capital and dozens of other industry media and traditional media.

Attending projects include DBLEND, DEGO, Classzz, ADAMoracle, Saito, PlatON, NFTMart, SakeSwap, Lemond, Deeper, Cook Protocol, METIS, WePiggy, Findora, FilDA, StreamingFast and other well-known projects in the DeFi industry.

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On-site guests and online overseas guests were invited to deliver project speeches, with a warm atmosphere, active audience interaction and a popular venue. The total number of industry guests was more than 10, the on-site audience was more than 200, and the online live broadcast was watched by 65,000 people.

SKY, Co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital

At the beginning of the party, SKY, the co-founder of 7 O’Clock Capital, gave an opening speech. He said that currently there are over 5,000 members with sophisticated understanding of DeFi in the Seven O’Clock community; and via our cooperative blockchain media we are able to reach 200,000 blockchain industry users; and based on our strength, we have built our community open capital. Seven O’Clock Capital is the world’s first blockchain community capital, which aggregates well-known KOLs in the industry to jointly invest in DeFi’s high-quality projects. The first phase of Seven O’Clock Capital LP recruitment has ended, and the second phase LP recruitment has officially started!

SKY also said that the world’s first large-scale crypto art exhibition was initiated by Block Create Art BCA, the first crypto art platform in Asia, and co-organized by BITMAIN, Digital Finance Group DFG, and Winkrypto. We DeFi Seven O’Clock Capital are very happy to support such an exhibition today and jointly promote the implementation of blockchain technology in the field of art.

Zhang Ziling, BCA (Block Create Art) Blockchain Art Center VP

Zhang Ziling, VP of BCA (Block Create Art) Blockchain Art Center, said that BCA (BlockCreateArt) is a full category crypto art NFT platform integrating crypto art creation, trading, investment and collection and crypto culture education, which is committed to building a crypto art ecosystem in which everyone can participate. As of February 2021 BCA’s total turnover has exceeded $3 million. BCAEX ( has covered 16 countries and regions since its launch in October 2020, with 225 artists signed and 50,000 global users joined.

Colin, Copartner of Zonff Partners

Zonff partners is a portfolio fund focused on venture capital, quantitative funds and arithmetic investments in the blockchain industry. Driven by industry cycles and in-depth research, it adopts a more aligned three-dimensional management strategy to systematically capture structural opportunities in blockchain development cycles.

Maggie, Commercial Director of DB Global

Maggie, Commercial Director of DB Global, mentioned that DBLend is essentially a decentralized digital currency loan platform within the DIBI ecosystem. It’s a fruit of the strong alliance between DeFi and CeFi, which centers on the use of DeFi (decentralized finance) smart contracts based on blockchain technology. As a trusted intermediary to facilitate the growth of the global loan market, it also offers investors a number of highly profitable and financial bubble-free loan products.

Xavier, the Founder of DeGo Finance, China

Xavier, the founder of DeGo Finance, China, said, I think NFT is still in a very early stage. The first issue requiring to be solved is the richness of the assets, and the second is the reality and the chain of the channel. The real value discovery of NFT in the future must be related to finance, and can even to digital identity.

Peng Song, ClassZZ China Community

Peng Song, ClassZZ China Community, spoke about the ClassZZ Te Waka cross-chain agreement that launched some time ago, a decentralized open source agreement that is expected to be used as infrastructure by other projects. While only ETH and HECO are supported now, BS, Okchai, Polkado, Solana and Tron will be supported within a few weeks, and LP mining will open by then. At that time, we will see a completely open ecosystem among chains, where people can freely participate in cross-chain trading, cross-chain mining, cross-chain loan, cross-chain derivatives and other DeFi projects. We are one of the few DeFi projects that can work closely with both Heco Okchain and BSC, and our goal is to eventually empower the entire ecosystem.

Richard Parris, Co-founder of Saito

Saito is a user-oriented Web 3.0 open network layer, says Richard Parris, co-founder of Saito. Applications on Saito can run without closed plugins, without private APIs or on open infrastructure. Saito network is fully decentralized and can also provide routing and user support for Saito. The Saito network consensus is highly secure, sybil-resistant, monopoly-proof and decentralized to ensure the openness and independence of Web 3.0. It was also mentioned that Saito will soon have IDO on the trading and auction platform Polkastarter.

Cindy, Marketing Director of Yotta Fund

Cindy, Marketing Director of Yotta Fund, shared that ADAMoracle, as the first decentralized oracle web service facility on OKExchain, belongs to the decentralized oracle web service facility and is also a middleware that connects real-world data with blockchain systems, providing standardized solutions for many application scenarios, and enables seamless interaction with services outside the blockchain.

Cage, Cook Protocol CTO

Cook Protocol CTO, Cage, shared by online video that Cook Protocol is a cross-chain decentralized asset management service agreement, or it can also be called a decentralized fund market agreement, in which there are two main roles, one is a fund manager and the other is an investor. The entire Cook Protocol platform will be implemented via smart contracts to ensure the safety of funds and the transparency of profit and risk data.

Cheng, FILDA guest

Cheng said, FilDA is the world’s first cross-chain loan DeFi project based on HECO. FilDA opens the Genesis mining Fair launch on January 5, 2021 at 20:00 pm, first launched HUSD, HBTC, HT, ELA-HECO, USDT-HECO, HDOT, HLTCThe world premiere of HUSD, HBTC, HT, ELA-HECO, USDT-HECO, HDOT, HLTC, HBCH, ETH, HPT assets loan, FILDA is also the first HECO loan project that discloses all APY data of the platform and deposits and borrows two-way real-time transparent data.

Jia Yongzheng, Founder of Ever Chain, Research Scientist of Findora Technology Research Institute

Ever Chain Founder, Findora Technology Institute Research Scientist, Jia Yongzheng said, Findora is a technology company from Silicon Valley with a vision to build a financial privacy public chain to become a Web 3.0 financial infrastructure that provides scarce high scalability and privacy. Findora blockchain achieves transparency in privacy guarantee, has best-in-class security performance and uses ZK-Rollup technology.

Anthony, Director of StreamingFast

Anthony, Director of StreamingFast, mentioned that StreamingFast is preparing the complete decentralization of its platform. It aims at providing a universal way to extract rich operational trace data from the blockchain: both for streaming at very high speed and for archiving for direct access (without the burden of running native nodes). In a decentralized model, StreamingFast nodes that are across the globe, in partnership with HECO, will bring HECO developers higher reliability, lower data costs, higher data integrity and the most reliable infrastructure.

After the event, a grand themed night crypto party was held, where 7 O’Clock Capital co-founder SKY and JCO joined the invited guests to exchange ideas and take photos with each other. We firmly believe that a team with dreams, patterns and strengths like 7 O’Clock Capital will be able to carve out its way in the cryptocurrency field. Wait and see!




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