Welcome Liquidifty marketplace v0.1 built on Binance Smart Chain, IDO on May 25

2 min readMay 24, 2021

It has finally happened! We are glad to present the Liquidifty marketplace v0.1 built on Binance Smart Chain! Already live: https://app.liquidifty.io (https://app.liquidifty.io/)

Everyone is welcome to try it. Good and acomplished NFT Artists have already started to mint their Masterpieces. Collectors are joining as well.

Liquidifty is working hard on supporting and featuring Artists. The team aims to connect both worlds: Collectors and Creators in its best synergy possible.

It’s only beginning. A lot of features and interesting campaigns are going to be implemented. The team is very grateful to all early adopters!

What is Liquidifty?

Liquidifty — a platform that will bring more liquidity to the NFT market, granting all NFT owners more use cases. The platform will provide different tools for NFT collectors. Every user will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles, take out loans using NFTs as collateral, earn with NFT vaults, trade tokens on a convenient cross-chain marketplace or join the multi-ownership feature. More exciting products to come in the future!

Liquidifty aims to be the most user-friendly, cross-chain NFT marketplace for everyone, integrating Flow, Binance Chain, Polkadot and Ethereum. Over 500 NFT’s have been minted by artists and followers since the testnet launch but the development team just keeps on going.


The project’s investors list contains some pretty famous names: BSCPAD, 7 O’Clock Capital, Aubit, Legion Ventures, AU21, Onega, Regain Ventures, Tritium Ventures, Seeder.fund, DaSheng Capital, GFC, Fermion Capital, Panda Capital, WEBV ENGINE LTD, Zong Lian LTD, Reimann Ventures, Point 3 Ventures, Theabood Capital, HappyBlock, Hoo.com, HULK VENTURE CAPITAL, QIQI Venture, 7 Star Capital, Avalon Wealth Fund and LT Capital.

What does the future hold?

Right after the mainnet launch, Liquidifty is preparing for another crucial event — its IDO on BSCPAD. There, $LQT token will be born! Here are the main details:

50m tokens will be minted on Binance Smart Chain.

The token will be listed on PancakeSwap after the completion of the public round.

The listing price will be $1 per token.

The IDO will be held on BSCPAD on 25 May.

Follow Liquidifty to get more info:

Twitter — twitter.com/liquidifty

Telegram — t.me/liquidifty

Email — hello@liquidifty.io




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